Summer is camping-season, in Denmark we have two relevant hackercamps, one is BornHack and the other one is TheCamp. This year i gave a talk at both, actually i gave the same talk at both.

I was talking about home-computers from the hackers perspective during the last 30 years of the 1900s, and i think it is intriguing how much i improved from the first talk:

Where i gave the talk to a small audience and used almost 30 minutes more than planned, i also fumbled a lot and forgot a lot of detailes – compared to the second talk:

Where i hit the time limit more or less exactly, and in general also delivered a much smoother performance, this served as a great exercise for my upcomming talk at Vintage Computing Festival Berlin this Fall, which im looking very much forward to.

TheCamp is mainly a Danish event, we have had international participants, but most people speak primarily danish – BornHack on the other hand is targeted towards an English speaking audience, and i would very much recommend you to shop up, and i mean _you_ young and old, families, singles, hackers or hobbyists – theres room for every, literally!

Oh and finally, i was mentioned at Hackaday – the main story was about the video-recording setup i made, but RetroComputingWithMike got a mention as well 😉

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