Repair my stuff please?

I am really flattered that people contact me and ask me to help repair their vintage computers, however I do not  run a repair-shop and most of my YouTube repairs actually takes several days of preparation before the actual work, and my time is very limited – besides from my Retro Computing activities and my book I run a consulting company.

So my immediate reaction to requests for repair is to refuse them, however if you have something interesting and/or you _really_ want _me_ to fix them I have the following demands that I am not going to deviate from:

  • I will do best effort, meaning I do not guarantee anything. The item may be returned in worse condition than before I got it.

  • Your item are in my possession solely on your responsibility, it may be stolen, lost, dropped or damaged and you must be willing to take this risk.

  • I reserve the right to use the item to create content on my own discretion, meaning I, and only I, decide whether or not I will create any videos or some-posts about the product / process.

  • You pay all expenses, and I will not hear a single argument – expect even the smallest project to require an expense deposit with me at about 500€

  • You pay for my time, my current rate is 200€/hour – expect even the smallest project to require at least three full days.

  • Expect that everything is pre-paid in full, i don’t do this to make a buck and i certainly don’t want to waste time collecting money and issuing late fee’s.

A much better approach would simply be to donate the item. In which case I will help you recover personal data, for free, and make sure that the device get’s sold / donated to somebody who appreciates it and will preserve it properly. 

Any surplus from either donations or any form of paid work will go towards my retro projects.