Gladly i will accept donations to my vintage-computing related work, i wish to preserve these machines and to spread knowledge about these machines. I Accept both Hardware, Software and monetary donations.

Hardware and shipment

I will accept packages from anywhere in the world, which wont cause me any expenses, such as customs or taxes. I will do pickups of a significant amount of equipment in entire the Denmark and Northern Germany for free. (Except for non-bridged Islands) If you donate equipment that i already own or that i deem to new, or just not fit, for my collection i reserve the rights to trade or sell-off said equipment, the revenue will then be handled as a monetary donation. (Se below for details). If you are a school or any other kind of institution with a lot of old gear and you are unsure what to do with it, or if it is any good, i offer to pick it all up and sort it on my own.

Software, data and privacy

I also accept donations of software in the form of boxes, harddrives, floppy, tapes and similare mediums. I will do my best to restore software and other data of values, such as source code and similare.

I furthermore go to the extremes in order to protect any kind of personal data, if need be i have access to industrial military aproved destruction equipment, such as degausers and schreders that will rip the physical medium to pieces. However in most cases a normal secure deletion will suffice.

However if you, in exchange for donation the equipment, want me to extract your or maybe a deceased family members personal data from said equipment, i will of course do my best to help you with this.

Monetary donations

 I accept money donations through direct wire-transfer, Patreon, Paypal and 10’ Money donated will be spend on preserving my collection of vintage-computer and software, spare-parts, rent, tools and other expenses related to this purpose.

I may also use donations to cover travel expenses for participating in conferences, giving talks or in general spreading the knowledge about these wonderful machines.

If you need an invoice or wants to purchase a sponsorship you are very welcome to contact me.

Questions or exceptions?

Any other questions? Need help cleaning out a digital estate? or just want to help me preserve our digital history? Or do you have something you believe i would be willing to pay customs for?

Please get in touch asap 🙂