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Retro Computers

Luxor – ABC80

A Swedish built Z80 microcomputer with basic, used by educational institutions and industry for controlsystems. Resources: https://www.abc80.org/pub/abc80sim/ https://www.abc80.net/ http://www.devili.iki.fi/Computers/Luxor/index.html https://www.abc.se/home/m8894/ABCbus/ABCbus_06/ABCbus_06_manual.pdf https://www.abc.se/ https://www.abc.se/home/m8894/ABCbus/ABCbus_06/ABCbus_06_manual.pdf

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Amstrad NC200

This is probably the best 8bit Z80 based portable Computer ever made. It has a wonderfull keyboard and is capable of running CP/M.

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Commodore 128D

This was the final 8bit computer from Commodore, this could run CP/M and all Commodore 64 software.

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